12 busana kreatif

LED Dress

This cool “glow in the dark” dress from Japan is full of LED’s.

Porcelain Dress
Creative dress made entirely out of porcelain by Li Xiaofeng.

Newspaper Dress
Jolios Paons created this cool dress using only phonebook paper.

Tetris Dress
Unique dress inspired by the famous puzzle video game.

Camping Tent Dress
Dress Tent art project created by Robin Lasser and Adrienne Pao.

Zipper Dress
Created from 120 zippers by Sebastian Errazuriz, this unusual dress allows you to just zip or unzip it to whatever style or length you want.

NYC Subway Map Dress
You will never get lost in the New York subway with this dress.

Rubber Glove Dress
Unusual dress made from rubber gloves by Sebastian Errazuriz.

3D Glasses Dress
Cool dress inspired by 3D glasses that you get in movie theaters.

Paper Dresses
Beautiful dresses created by Alexandra Zaharova and Ilya Plotnikov.

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