10 Bento Boxes Unik dan Kreatif

ni dia nih gan bento boxes yang unik unik, kreatif nih gan yang bikin.

Spoiler for 1:

Japanese people are well known for their artistic skills when presenting their food. This laptop design is the ultimate geeky Bento lunch box.

Spoiler for 2:

A cool design for gaming geeks, an Xbox 360 inspired Bento lunch.

Spoiler for 3:

Take a look at this cute Wall-E Bento art. Check out Eve.. she's an egg

Spoiler for 4:

Yes, you can actually have a Sony control for lunch..

Spoiler for 5:

Amazing Lego Bento art.

Spoiler for 6:

Robot from Penny Arcade.

Spoiler for 7:

Nintendo DS Bento

Spoiler for 8:

With a bit of imagination, these French fries, meatballs, and rice look just like a cool Big Daddy.

Spoiler for 9:

This colorful Super Mario's Bento box not only looks amazing but very healthy!

Spoiler for 10:

Isn't this one a cutie? A Bento box specially designed for Linux fans.

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